PumaPay | Reinventing Everyday Payments

Reinventing Everyday Payments

PumaPay Develops An Advanced Billing Infrastructure For Merchants, Allowing Them To Design Flexible Payment Scenarios Over The Blockchain.

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The PumaPay Solution

PumaPay enables payment methods common to daily life on the blockchain, which have so far been impossible with the technology behind  cryptocurrencies.

By bringing the flexibility of payment cards to the blockchain, PumaPay is the go-to solution for merchants worldwide.

Start accepting cryptocurrency

Start accepting cryptocurrency

Eliminate transaction fees and chargebacks

Eliminate transaction fees and chargebacks

Create a solution that meets your needs

Create a solution that meets your needs

Tailored Billing

At the core of PumaPay is the PullContract – a unique smart-contract architecture which inverses the existing crypto billing dynamics by allowing the merchant to tailor the solution to their needs and pull funds from the customer’s wallet.

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The PMA Token

Get PumaPay token from HitBTC, one of the top 20 exchanges that support fiat/crypto trading. It’s easy: fund your account with a credit card & get some PMAs today.

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Market leaders from different industries that have already adopted PumaPay

PumaPay Wallet

The PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet provides easy access to PMA, ETH and any other ERC20 tokens, allowing users to securely send and receive digital funds. Future releases of the wallet app will enable the pull mechanism with the full spectrum of payment options, in-app funding via credit card with fiat to PMA conversion, and more.