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A free blockchain pull payment protocol that makes crypto billing accessible to every business

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PumaPay's open-source Pull Payment Protocol is a comprehensive blockchain solution which offers robust payment mechanisms far more credible, efficient, flexible, cost-effective, and scalable than current implementations (credit cards). Unlike today's payment methods, which include credit cards and virtual coins like Bitcoin, the Pull Payment Protocol was designed from the ground up specifically to overcome existing hurdles and offers a set of tools developed to facilitate onboarding processes for both businesses and individuals.

With PumaPay merchants can:
  • Plug-in various billing solutions to enable acceptance of cryptocurrencies directly, replacing credit card companies and other billing processors
  • Offer customers comprehensive and flexible billing solution, addressing all common billing practices, including recurring, pay-per-use, etc
  • Eliminate risks of fraud and chargebacks and associated fines.
  • Saves the exorbitant middlemen transaction fees ranging from ~3% to as high as ~15%

As high-volume transaction experts, we are well-aware of the fact that credit cards, the foundation of online billing and payments, were never fully adapted to the world of digital trade. We’ve experienced firsthand the issues merchants face daily thanks to an outdated system of transaction processing. It didn’t take much for us to see the potential of blockchain to solve these problems. Our mission is to modernize payment processing systems and lay the foundations for a thriving cryptocurrency economy built on the PumaPay Pull Payment Protocol. The Protocol is designed to:

Standardize and enable comprehensive payment methods over the blockchain

Decentralize the billing layer and save substantial intermediary costs for merchants

Increase the use of cryptocurrency both online and offline and facilitate it as a standard means of payment

Enable powerful launch partners to disrupt their industries by creating a decentralized version of their platforms

The PumaPay Pull Payment Protocol

PumaPay is a free, open-source, blockchain based payment protocol featuring the unique architecture of PullPayment: Smart contracts that invert the mechanics of common cryptocurrency operations. Cryptocurrencies were designed to allow only one type of transaction – sending money from side A to side B, also known as ‘push.’ Our PullPayment Protocol enables a ‘pull’ action on the blockchain, allowing side B to connect to side A’s address via a PullContract and ‘pull’ funds into side B account. This is, of course, subject to predefined terms and prior acceptance of the transaction by side A.

PumaPay’s Protocol was designed from the ground up to facilitate flexibility in transaction mechanics. The innovative architecture opens the door to a whole universe of payments mechanisms that are either impossible or unfeasible when relying only on a ‘push’ action: Subscription fees, direct debit, pay-per-use, and more. The protocol is highly flexible and adaptable, giving businesses the opportunity to apply their processing business logic on the blockchain.


A robust, credible and scalable protocol that enables a full spectrum of billing methods.


The Protocol allows merchants to apply their business logic and have the freedom to choose between an out-of-box solution or a custom-made implementation.


Enables frictionless access to the benefits of blockchain technology, with SDK and API for merchants and a wallet app for customers

PMA Economy

The PumaPay token is the facilitator of the protocol's unique functionality. It is the only means of value transfer between parties over the protocol and it can be converted from any other cryptocurrency or fiat. We expect the adoption of the PumaPay token within online and offline industries, especially in the e-commerce and online services. By facilitating the integration of our protocol and making PMA a de-facto payment means, we intend to achieve a critical mass of users, thus building a thriving cryptocurrency economy.

Our token economy rests on four pillars:

Early Adopters

Businesses from various industries who have already committed to integrating PumaPay's Pull solutions.

Launch Partners

Our launch partners will integrate the PumaPay Pull Payment Protocol into their platforms and work closely with us to create a basis for decentralizing entire industries through widespread adoption of PumaPay Token.

PumaPay Pride

An application integrated with our wallet where PumaPay token holders can explore places to use their tokens, thus significantly increasing traction at participating businesses.

Third Party Complementary Service Providers

Enable third-party companies to create a layer of services on top of the Protocol, contribute to the PumaPay ecosystem, and create new business opportunities for businesses (e.g. credit networks, security, code verification and more).

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Q1 2018

PumaPay ICO
PMA Token V1.0
Integration V1.0 with

Beginning of Q3 2018

Testing next gen. blockchain
Integration V1.0 with ChatMaker

Beginning of Q4 2018

PMA Token V2.0
Android Wallet V2.0
SDK I (NodeJS) V2.0
Integration V2.0 with
Integration V2.0 with Early Adopters

Beginning of Q1 2019

Chrome Wallet V2.0
iOS Wallet V2.0
Integration V2.0 with ChatMaker
SDK II (Java, Python, ...) V2.0

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Chief Blockchain Architect
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Milenko Strika
Head of Product
Sofia Mashovets
Online Marketing Manager
Gleb Chernov
VP Business Development
Stella Evagorou
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