Beyond Blocks Summit Wrap-Up

Beyond Blocks Summit ended on a high note for PumaPay. CEO Yoav Dror’s presentation of the PumaPay solution attracted hundreds of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain experts to our booth. 


 Our business development team were swamped with questions from the crypto community wanting to learn more about the benefits of the PullPayment Protocol. 

“We received very good feedback from the crypto community in Korea. People are interested, which is fabulous. Our efforts are steadily starting to pay off”, said Gleb Chernov, Business Development VP. 

 Faysal, our Business Development Director boasts some “good contacts” he’s made at Beyond Blocks Summit. “It’s been great, I can really say we managed to build a block of our own beyond blocks”, he added. 


But, this is not all. The attention of passers-by was also caught by the lovely assistants, who helped the team with general admin duties and Korean to English interpretation. 


However, nothing compares to a word from the CEO to the local media. A couple of media channels in Korea interviewed Yoav at the event, eager to learn more about the PumaPay protocol and what drives it forward. 


Beyond Blocks Summit may have ended but PumaPay’s roadshow continues at the Blockchain Partners Summit.  In case you missed us this time, we will be at the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul on July 21-22, for a chance to meet with our team and ask questions.  



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