Blockchain Disrupting Digital Marketing

Blockchain technology has had a profound effect on many industries following its inception. It has challenged the status quo and caused a lot of industries to rethink how they work. The world of digital marketing is no different. Though digital marketing might be late to the party, the effect blockchain is having on the marketing industry is already significant. 

Data Collection 

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) collect a lot of information regarding our activity on the internet, monitor and save all the data. They can sell data to other companies about what we buy online, websites we visit and even articles we read. All this data can then be used by marketing companies to strategically market information to us through many different means. All content strategy and marketing procedures are all dictated by this information as marketing companies try to market relevant marketing products to consumers.  

Blockchain browser, Blockstack, aims to cut through this information pipeline and give data security back to its users. Blockstack is a decentralized computing network and app ecosystem that enables users and apps to protect their digital rights through utilizing the blockchains security features. By preventing ISP’s from collecting customers data through their browser, Blockstack aims to prevent the misuse of user data and create a system of trust with its users. 

Tracking Keywords  

One of digital marketing’s biggest efforts lie with tracking keywords. Search engine algorithms change continuously so marketeers must keep changing their strategy. Furthermore, tracking keywords on different devices and trying to decipher the difference between local, national and global searches is an extreme time consumer. 

By utilizing blockchain technology, marketers have access to real numbers when using keyword tracking due to the way the technology is built. A tracker integrated on the blockchain can track keywords across all devices and in any location due to the public ledger. Marketers can then use this information to create more specifically targeted and accurate campaigns. 

Social Media 

There is a growing global trend of people being more sensitive regarding the information they add on to social media due to how the information is kept, viewed and used against them.  

Social media company “Sociall” is changing the way users think about their social media lifestyle. Sociall uses a decentralized network and users to share, discover and connect without worrying about their data being used.  

The shift away from centralized companies having control and access to consumer data means that digital marketing techniques will continue to shift and evolve and see companies using innovative techniques to market their products.  


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