Blockchain Usability? PumaPay is here!

When thinking about the crypto space, the blockchain gets the headlines. It is revolutionary, innovative, a catch-all term! Everyone is talking about its possible applications in technology, business, education and so many other sectors, with the ability to shape a different vision of how the future would look—more efficient, faster and transparent. The infrastructure is based on a decentralized platform that records and documents all transactions, encrypting data to ensure their security and integrity. With the potential of protecting private information and the wider use of cryptocurrencies, the technology is already finding its way into applications in fintech.

The future definitely looks promising for blockchain technology, but what would really guarantee its longevity is its usability. Already, we can see how the future of blockchain would look in PumaPay and what the project has achieved till now. The platform is one of a kind blockchain-based billing infrastructure for merchants and customers. It takes blockchain technology’s innovative architecture and combines it with the flexibility of traditional payment systems to deliver a service that targets a vital aspect of everyday transactions, that of payments.

Additionally, a crypto payment solution such as the one PumaPay has come up with eliminates the banks’ slow and expensive currency transfers. PumaPay is allowing blockchain transactions across a network of global merchants. Do you want to pay for your subscription in Japan that usually charges in Japanese Yen? Typically, if you are using a credit card, that would cost you time and money, especially with high currency conversion rates. PumaPay allows users and businesses worldwide to get on with online payments by eliminating transaction fees and waiting time. It can be done with PumaPay’s PMA tokens without stress or extra cost!

PumaPay has created a unique version of the smart contract, the PullContract, which inverses the existing crypto billing dynamics by allowing the merchant to tailor the solution to their needs and pull funds from the customer’s wallet once the contract conditions are met and agreed upon.

As a blockchain solution, PumaPay’s transactions are anonymous. In a world rebelling against the de facto giants like Facebook and Google for breaching personal data and using it to push consumers, blockchain protocols such as that of PumaPay have chosen a different path, respecting anonymity.

With all this being said, what do you think about PumaPay’s protocol?

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