Branding Assets for Web Use​

Download the official PumaPay logos, QR-Codes, badges, buttons and also our Branding Assets Guidelines.

The PumaPay Logo
The PumaPay logo is available in two background colors. The white background logos (with
text available in either color or black) work best with a darker surrounding area. Whilst the
blue background logo would suit a lighter surrounding area. Please make sure not to alter
these logos in any way.
Businesses can display the Pay Button when presenting customers with the option to pay via the PumaPay platform.
Businesses who use PumaPay can display the ‘Powered by PumaPay’ Badge on their checkout pages. We suggest linking the badges to
Branding Assets Guidelines
Our Branding Guidelines will help you to apply PumaPay’s branding assets and will provide you with several examples of how you can use particular elements.
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