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Simpsons Names Crypto as ‘Cash of the Future’

Simpsons names crypto as the next virtual currency as they jump into the world of blockchain!   The latest episode completely broke down the meaning of cryptocurrencies into an easy-to-understand explainer video hosted by ‘TV’s most beloved scientist’, Jim Parsons, and an all-singing Distributed Ledger.  Laying the foundation of blockchain technology, Parsons explained how once each ledger is filled, it’s then added to a …

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PumaPay at Europe’s Largest Merchant Payment Ecosystem Conference

Europe’s largest merchant payments conference, MPE 2020, opened its doors to over 1250 delegates, 300+ merchants and the team of PumaPay earlier this week!  The Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference in Berlin, 18-20 Feb, showcased the latest innovations in the payment economy and offered inspiring talks and discussions, including from PumaPay’s CEO, Yoav Dror.   Dror’s insightful presentation was well received by the audience of merchants, PSPs, acquirers, and industry experts as …

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Pushing for Cryptocurrency Adoption

We aim to interrupt the payment space offering a real alternative to credit cards and eliminating the middleman.  We are creating a better payment solution harnessing cryptocurrencies and cutting costs for businesses and customers alike.  We strive to become and set the standard for the future of payments. PumaPay is a comprehensive cryptopayment solution for …

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Bitcoin Goes to Church

The real estate market looks set to become a holy matrimony for Bitcoin with the recent news that a 150-year-old church can be bought using the world-renowned cryptocurrency!  According to a listing on major real estate property website, Rightmove, the 7-bedroom 18th century converted church is up for sale with the seller willing to accept Bitcoin as payment.   According to the website “The vendor is willing to accept the cryptocurrency Bitcoin …

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The Innovative Payment Solution

Online businesses and consumers alike expect online buying and selling to be easy, efficient, and safe.  New technologies like mobile payments, contactless cards and e-wallets are making payments easier.  Now comes the next phase in “innovative” payments and it is happening peer-to-peer. What are the Main Business Challenges for Receiving Online Payments? Credit Card Misuse Credit …

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Taking Advantage of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is undeniably one of the 21st century’s key innovations as it has not only disrupted the payments industry but is now being utilized to unlock previously unimaginable potential. To truly appreciate how blockchain has disrupted the payments industry we need first understand how the technology works.   What is a Blockchain?  The seed that builds the foundation of cryptocurrency, Blockchain is essentially a public database that is available …

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Major Car Manufacturers Testing Blockchain Technology

The automotive industry is one largest industry globally and the competition is fierce. With automotive companies seeking to push the envelope to develop emerging tech, the next step for the automotive industry is blockchain technology. According to a study by IBM published at the end of 2018, 62% of automotive executives are convinced that blockchain will be …

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Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Satoshi Added to the Oxford English Dictionary

There are 203 new words added to the Oxford English dictionary (OED) for the very first time which is an important step forward for the cryptocurrency revolution. The Oxford English Dictionary first introduced the word “Bitcoin” back in 2014, long before it went mainstream and now in 2019, the OED has been updated again and includes …

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