Cyprus Blockchain Summit 2019

The PumaPay team were thrilled to be at the Cyprus Blockchain Summit which took place on 10 July 2019 at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia.

It was organized by IMH to help inform businesses of the latest trends and developments in blockchain, and how this new disruptive and exciting technology can assist. Experienced speakers, keen investors and opinion leaders presented the advantages and disadvantages of using this emerging technology. 

There was an array of speakers from within Cyprus and from abroad including Professor George M. Giaglis, General Director at the Institute for the Future (IFF) at the University of Nicosia (UNIC), who is a leading expert on blockchain technology and applications as well as an advisor for PumaPay.  There were speakers from the Cyprus Government, European Commission, Belgium, University College London, The Daily News Blockchain Austria, Blockchain Specialist from Switzerland, Blockchain Rookies, UK and a medical blockchain working group from the UK.  It was exciting to hear how blockchain technology is being applied, adding value and remolding how businesses and industries are working today.

It was an event of bold statements across the board and some big characters.  Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the day:

President of the House of Representatives Cyprus, Demetris Syllouris said “The Cyprus Government aim to be one of the leading blockchain centers globally.”

Chairman of Invest Cyprus, Michalis P. Michael said “Blockchain is one of the biggest (technological) developments of our time.”

Forbes Contributor, Monty Munford said: “Blockchain is making a difference.  I am a believer in the transformation of the world with blockchain but let’s do it for good.  I am not an expert.  I am a believer!”.

To sum up, it was a well-organized event which highlighted once again that blockchain technology has the possibility to change the world.  From banking and payments, to cybersecurity, healthcare and government, blockchain projects are a big trend.  For PumaPay, it is not a trend; it is who we are, and we are inspired!  In 2018, we were the 1stcryptopayment company to release recurring payments on the Ethereum blockchain and today, we are just as committed to delivering a payment system that aims to solve real, everyday problems.Through the PumaPay payment protocol, we potentially can change the payment landscape in a big way.  

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