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The PumaPay token is set to become the main means of value transfer for hundreds of merchants worldwide, providing their customers with a convenient crypto payment solution

PumaPay Early Adopters

Forward-thinking merchants unite around the PumaPay token as they join the future of payments and commit to implement the PumaPay technology.



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Business Model

PumaPay’s B2B clients represent a number of industries, such as fintech, payment processing, online hosting, and advertising.
Our B2C clients come from a variety of backgrounds, including online entertainment, technology, lifestyle, travel, and more.

Merchants First

Reduced costs

PumaPay is an open-source payment protocol that cuts payment processing fees. It is and will always remain free.

No chargebacks

As a blockchain-based solution, PumaPay makes all transactions final and irreversible. Forget about chargebacks!

Expand Market Share

Implement PumaPay and become part of the PumaPay Pride online directory! It's a great way to attract crypto holders to your business.

Unique flexibility

Enjoy limitless possibilities to design your own transaction that fits your requirements and business logic.

Ease of Use

PumaPay's SDK and APIs make implementation a breeze, facilitating integration with any type of platform.


PumaPay Early Adopters

Top brands share our vision

ImLive is the PumaPay Launch Partner and largest online marketplace in the adult industry. The webcam entertainment giant has agreed to create its own platform where the PMA token is the only means of payment.

Backpack is a leading supplier of middleware, backoffice solutions for clients in the financial industry. Backpack’s access to the capital markets industry could allow PumaPay to reach other influential financial firms, as well as serve as a foot in the door to the world of online securities trading.

Wix is leading the way with cloud-based development platform for over 126 million registered users worldwide. Wix was founded on the belief that the Internet should be accessible to everyone to develop, create and contribute. Through free and premium subscriptions, Wix empowers millions of businesses, organizations, artists, and individuals to take their businesses, brands and workflow online.

Traffic Partner is a world-class umbrella brand for a vista of services including advertising, affiliate marketing, and online billing. Offering alternative payment solutions to credit cards, Traffic Partner will integrate the PumaPay solution on three different levels: incorporated into the paid content scheme of their main brand; included in the payouts mechanisms of their affiliate network, Dating Partner; and included as one of the alternative payments options provided by their payment solution brand, Webbilling. is a top live streaming service provider featuring adult webcam performances. Cam4 will incorporate PumaPay into its tipping and virtual token system, enabling their clients to use the PumaPay protocol to purchase in-website currency and pay membership fees with PMA.

MojoHost is a US market-leading provider of cutting-edge hosting and online business solutions. MojoHost will integrate the protocol and accept PMA tokens as a means of payment for their products.

CCBill offers billing services for online merchants. Merchants using CCBill’s services will have the option of charging with PMA, offering an alternative to credit card payments, expanding the usability of the PMA token, and providing immense exposure for PumaPay solution.

Moburst (logo) – Moburst is an online marketing agency specializing in mobile gaming. Through Moburst, PumaPay penetrates the online gaming sector, which relies heavily on high-volume transactions and could greatly benefit from integrating the solution.

Rent24 is a reputed provider of coworking spaces enjoying the attention of both freelance, individual and corporate clients. Soon to implement the PumaPay protocol, they will allow the thousands of customers renting spaces from them to cover the recurring rent payments using PMA tokens.

Mr. Skin specializes in locating and rating instances of female nudity in TV broadcasting and film. Users will soon be able to pay for their membership with PMA tokens to gain access to Mr. Skin's content.

LoadedCash is reputed for its affiliate marketing programs dedicated to adult dating sites. LoadedCash’s extensive affiliate network will embrace PumaPay for fast and secure payments for affiliates, over the various models of revenue share, pay-per-lead, and more.

HoloFilm is a leading adult VR content provider. As one of the first companies to grasp the potential of new VR technology, HoloFilm’s joining PumaPay will expose our solution to hundreds of thousands of users who have a keen interest in technological innovation.

FashionTV is a broadcasting network with over 400 million viewers worldwide. Despite launching their own ICO soon, they recognize the immense potential of PumaPay have agreed to implement the protocol for payments for its B2B advertisements on its satellite and cable channels as well as its B2C monthly subscription service for online content.

Gamma Entertainment is a reputed affiliate marketing platform dedicated to the adult industry. The platform will allow its numerous affiliates to receive payouts via the PumaPay Protocol, enabling a fast, secure and anonymous way for affiliates to generate revenue from their traffic.

AEBN is a provider of online adult entertainment content enjoying global reputation. The site offers two payment models: pay-per-minute and one-time checkout, both of which are easily supported by PumaPay's PullPayment Protocol.

SexSearch is a leading dating platform. Users will soon be able to pay for the platform's services with PMA tokens securely and discretely.

Traffic Mansion is a well-known online affiliate platform for dating sites. Traffic Mansion has agreed to adopt PumaPay for its affiliate payout models either revenue share or pay-per-sale, both supported by the PullPayment Protocol.

Xbiz is a globally-reputed business news platform that serves the adult entertainment industry. The adult media publisher will implement PumaPay for its various billing models.

YNOT is an adult news outlet and hosts a professional network. Ynot will incorporate PumaPay into its business directory, enabling payments for the site’s services with PumaPay’s protocol, as well as encourage the service providers listed in the directory to enable PumaPay as a payment option.

Both PalmIsland and NTS.NET Phonesex are providers of phone sex services and related billing infrastructure. The two companies are among the largest phone sex companies worldwide and will provide a definitive proof of the PumaPay's solution effectiveness.

ExposeBox offers online marketing solutions and hosts an all-in-one digital marketing platform. The platform's client base will be presented with the versatility of PumaPay, growing its outreach and allow members to access an alternative to credit card payments.

Kiiroo is a manufacturer of sex toys and owns an online store. Kiiro agreed to adopt the PumaPay protocol for its online store, allowing its clients to securely and discretely pay for their favorite products.

Scores Media is a full-service provider of adult entertainment and operates a chain of gentlemen’s clubs across USA. As a large chain of physical venues, Scores Media will supply PumaPay with a strong foothold for offline transactions and will expose PMA to many potential clients.

Terpon produces VR webcams widely used in adult entertainment. Apart from expanding our ecosystem and growing the PumaPay solution's outreach, Terpon's adoption of the Pull protocol will expose our product to alpha-consumers who appreciate being the first to use new technologies.

Vivid Entertainment is a global adult film producer offering both online and offline distribution. Vivid's content is consumed by millions and its adoption of PumaPay is a huge step forward for the adult entertainment industry in processing high transaction volumes.

Gamelink is a premier online store for adult movies and toys, which offers both physical and digital copies of movies as well as on-demand content. Gamelink will include PumaPay among its payment options for pay-per-minute scenarios.

Grooby is a transgender adult media network. Grooby clients will be able to purchase content with PMA, and the PullPayment Protocol will be used for pay-per-view transactions and monthly memberships.

Nubiles is a prominent brand associated with several adult-dedicated sites. The up and coming adult entertainment platform will allow its users to pay for their monthly memberships and make one-time purchases with PMA in a discrete and secure manner.

Utherverse is a platform which offers a combination of multiplayer game, dating site and social networking services for adult users. Providing a set of paid services, the multi-faceted online platform will offer its users PumaPay as an alternative to pay for its content.

PubaCash is an online affiliate program promoting over 75 adult content sites. PubaCash will implement the PullPayment Protocol for its affiliate payout system, putting forward a novel shared payment solution.

VD Bucks is a stellar affiliate marketing platform dedicated to adult entertainment. The stellar affiliate network will implement PumaPay for its secure and simple payout scheme, exploiting the potential of the shared payment feature of the PullPayment Protocol.

RoomDAO is a blockchain-based travel & tour platform that connects providers with travelers worldwide. The travel platform will offer users the possibility to pay for its services with the token of their choice.

Alignment is a multi-faceted platform dedicated to blockchain technology and owns a blockchain news channel. Dedicated to building the next 20 years of the Internet, one block at a time, Alignment has seen the potential of the PullPayment Protocol and decided to partner with us in excellence.

LifeSelector is a leading provider of interactive adult entertainment services. The adult entertainment platform will implement the solution for its credit buy system, allowing millions of users to pay for their services with PMA tokens.

Globacap’s mission is to simplify, streamline, and widen access to global capital. It does this via a proprietary regulated asset tokenization platform, providing end-to-end capital raising, investor KYC, custody, and asset administration. Globacap has a particular focus on SMEs raising debt and equity financing in tokenized form.

Mining Hardware Limited is a mining hardware distributor based in Ireland. Operating since 2016, the company is a leading mining hardware distributor in Europe. It sells all kind of parts for mining machines and Asic miners, as well as manufactures its own mining rigs. Mining Hardware Limited will be offering PumaPay as a payment method to all its customers.

Powerpay21 is a global FinTech network that offers a range of products and solutions that cover the whole payment spectrum. With a long-standing expertise in the payments sector, the company provides merchants cross-industry with the right tools to grow their revenue, including bespoke omni-channel payment solutions, risk and fraud control, as well as the guarantee of higher conversion ratios. powerpay21 will start offering PumaPay as a crypto payment option to its clients alongside credit cards and other bank account based payment solutions.

Pornhub is one of the most prolific adult websites, averaging over 100 billion video views a year. There are over 80 million daily visits to Pornhub, and over 28 billion visits per year. The platform has 20 million registered users.

Sticpay is an e-wallet company catering to global customers and merchants. We provide fast and secure money transfer services for worldwide currencies including cryptos. Sticpay stands for its values: Safe, Transparent, Instant and Convenient.

ForexValley Technologies Ltd builds the future in investment trading platforms. The in-house built proprietary trading platform is a new technology hub that integrates all the necessary components for setting up a brokerage, which, up until today, were spread in several different vendors.

Crystal Payments is a premier payment service provider. It offers its clients the best solutions to securely accept and manage online payments.

Pay Finder is an innovative payment service provider and gateway technology platform running a fully operating and registered PSP and providing custom-made payment solutions to eCommerce sites supporting a broad range of payment methods while assuring a highly competitive processing rates.

DeStream is an add-on service to streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube, that has aspirations to become an indispensable resource for streamers. They are in the process of building and developing an impressive infrastructure that simplifies content creation and allows for greater interaction with viewers.

MenaPay replaces traditional payment methods with a non-bank blockchain based payment gateway in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It focuses on developing the most commonly used crypto currency in MENA with the vision of supporting digital transformation of the region.

Budgetfly is a global travel search site, where people are inspired to plan and book direct from millions of travel options at the best prices. Users can book directly with Budgetfly or with any of selected booking partners, making sure that they always get the cheapest option available for their destination

AIRSOFT is an industry leading full turnkey fintech solution provider of FX/CFD & cryptocurrency platforms. AIRSOFT provides its client base with advanced trading and backend solutions, affiliate at brands disposal, multiple payment solutions in order to help them grow their business effectively.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, LiveJasmin is an award-winning adult entertainment website offering live webcam performances to 35 million daily users.

Oranum is one of the largest spiritual community websites in the world, offering a live webcam platform that allows users to video chat with psychics and spiritual advisors.

Coriunder is a Backend-As-A-Service provider focusing on the financial sector, Coriunder works mainly with PSPs giving them a wide backend solution to manage their Merchants/Customers/Affiliates and banking relationships.

Headquartered in Berkeley California, NakedSword has established a reputation as the “Netflix of Gay Porn,” offering its members a choice of more than 14,000 streaming gay porn movies as well as original content.

VallettaPay is a fully-fledged global payments solution for online merchants with Online Banking (multicurrency IBAN), Card processing, Virtual Currency Trade, Corporate Services and Office Space as main products. VallettaPay refers to a group of companies with licenses to operate as Authorised Electronic Money Institution and Corporate Service Provider.


All PumaPay components, including the SDK, API, PumaPay Wallet, and the Merchant Portal are developed up to the highest standards of security. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your clients and their funds are safe at all times.

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