Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Through your many travels in the intriguing world of blockchain technology, you might have heard of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Now whilst it may sound like something that has come out of a Star Wars film, we assure you its not. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, EEA for short, is steadily growing in numbers and becoming one of the most important blockchain groups in the world.  

What is the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance? 

The EEA is a group which focuses on connecting a vast network of companiesindividuals and even governments around the world which wish to support and develop the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, they have over 550 members which makes it the largest opensource blockchain alliance in the world.  Some of its key founding members include Microsoft, Intel, BP and J.P Morgan who are all Fortune 500 companies.  An unexpected addition to the EEA not long after its inception was Mastercard. For some who view Ethereum as a direct competitor to Mastercard, it was surprising to see them join. However, Mastercard believes in the capabilities & use of the blockchain, so they wish to be a part of its development. 

What do they do? 

 According to its official websitethe EEA’s mission is to: 

  • “Deliver an open, standards-based architecture and specification to accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Ethereum.” 
  • “Create world-class Enterprise Ethereum Client Specifications and testing and certification programs that ensure interoperability, multiple vendors of choice, and lower costs for its members.” 

Essentially these member groups, individuals and even certain governments goal is to work together to help Ethereum reach its full potential and not create a separate product. Through collaborating with workshops, events and online platforms they want to achieve an industry-wide standard use for Ethereum and set best practices as the world moves forward in embedding the Ethereum blockchain into their businesses and lives. 





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