Thank You. I’ll be making this again, for sure!! Love and behold, I have found one H.E.B. It used to be so much fun going there to shop and get all the goodies half price , If you want a fantastic NW pizza recipe, check out my pinterest for Jeff Varasano’s link . Thank you for bringing this recipe into light! Super easy! I just made this and followed the recipe exactly. The delicious Apple Pie filling is sweet, tarty, and Cinnamon-y! I do recommend bringing egg and dairy to room temperature before using. Make your favorite yellow cake mix according to the directions on the box. Spread the batter evenly into the prepared dish. I mean, shouldn’t the topping fully cover the batter? I give it 5 stars. Short answer is yes, I think these could be made into muffins but I would scale back on the crumb topping since it’s pretty heavy and will weigh the batter down. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Thank you!! To get the real good thing, try our family bakery- Holteramann’s on Staten Island. It makes moving the dough so much easier and olive oil is great for your skin! Hi Elisabeth! Try it you'll like it!! Gradually work your way around the edges and make your way to finish with the last of the crumbs in the center. I increased the cake recipe by half & added a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, & almond extract to the batter. If you don’t have cake flour, you can replace 4 teaspoons of all-purpose flour from the 1 ¼ cups in the recipe with 4 teaspoons of cornstarch. I see where another person questioned the translation. I often freeze it in small pkgs; it's every bit as good when defrosted. If you can’t find cake flour (all flour seems to be difficult to find these days), you can make your own with all-purpose flour and cornstarch. It really needs that time to dry out and cool down. HAHA morning. I’m so glad it’s become a family favorite for you – it certainly is here too! To make cinnamon streusel crumb, first in a bowl, whisk together dry ingredient. I live in TX now and have been making this recipe for years. Now that the cake layers have been filled, they are crumb coated with a thin layer of frosting, in this case, buttercream. BUT!! Now, since your recipe dosent state if the 325 is fahrenheit or Celsius, I assumed that it was fahrenheit and converted to Celsius (between 170 and 160) because 325 is awfully high and the rest of the recipe seemed american (i’m from the UK). I am thrilled to try this recipe. Oh and the "crumbles" was more like cokkie dough when I mixed them. Thanks for sharing. Hope that helps! It is so good. All I have to say is HOLY TOPPING! This recipe is amazing! Hello bacon, indeed! I fell to my knees and held the recipe up to the heavens….THANK YOU!!!! I hope the cake tasted good despite the crumbs not being on top. Add the remaining 2 1/2 cups flour, brown sugar, and cinnamon to a bowl. Wonderful for during the holidays. I recommend it to everyone! I don't know what happened w/ this one. It really is an easy recipe and I’m going to make sure he gets this coffee cake twice a month. – in an airtight container at room temperature. Really bummed. Don’t worry about visible crumbs, it’s all part of the process! A big waste of time and money now. I've been making it for years--and lost the glad to have stumbled across it again! . Turned out awesome! This is wonderfully delicious and a real impressive crowd-pleaser. The only substitution I made was to use 1/4 c. milk and 1/4 c. buttermilk. lol Thanks for adding your dairy-free substitutes – they always come in handy. I love coffee cake, so I can’t wait to try this one. Thank you so much for this recipe. The major difference is the amount of streusel topping. This look so good! I can see where this might throw a curve to some of the readers in its interpretation. I strongly recommend purchasing a kitchen scale, especially for recipes like this one – it is immeasurably (ha!) If you measure flour in a 1cup dry measuring cup (as in, a set with graduated sizes of 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1 cup), and weigh the flour with a kitchen scale (which I have done in the past), you’ll see that 1 cup of flour actually equals approximately 4 1/4 oz (the weight of the flour only, not including the measuring cup). I just finished making this and wanted to ask a question about the amount of cake flour in the topping? I bit into this and tasted nothing but baking soda. and my children! That is not the one I've used from her book. It’s one that I will be making for the rest of my life . I’ve been craving crumb cake for the past week. We always tested the center and sides for doneness and baked longer, if necesary. I love when I find a new blog that is as awesome as yours. I don't change anything and make it as Martha has perfected it. I found this recipe on Pinterst and repinned it because my 10 year old daughter loves coffee cake. And this recipe for Crumb Cake does not scrimp on the crumbs! . This crumbcake would give entenmann’s a run for their money. It turned out perfectly delicious! Keep in mind that the crumbs will become soft because of the moisture in the container but this doesn’t affect their taste in the least. I’m excited […]. But was still yummy. You’re so welcome! So happy to hear this, Crissy! With big crumbs and soft, buttery cake, this crumb cake will become an old family favorite in no time. He loved it. I use convection bake 330 and still it is in for 30 minutes. Barbara: The eggs should be at room temp but it doesn’t matter so much for the buttermilk. This is my go-to breakfast/brunch treat when we have house guests. Place second layer on top and do a thin crumb coat on the cake. Then sift the flour/cornstarch 5 times. Thanks. This cake was so delicious! I’m so thrilled you loved this crumb cake! Place a layer of cake on a cake board or plate. I was so hoping this cake was going to come out perfect. I’m afraid I won’t make it often if I have to buy cake flour. Sounds easy enough for me and looks delicious! Audrey: Did you let the crumb mixture sit for 10-15 minutes before making the crumbs? After about 4 times (because apparently I'm a slow learner), I realized that in order to save time I was skipping the crumb coat. I usually make Martha Stewarts but I think I’ll have to try this one next . They pack boxes of Entemanns in their suitcases (along with bagels in their carry-ons!) Thank you, it is DELISH !!!!!! I couldn’t help myself and took a piece immediately. I think this would cause the cake to bake at a higher temperature. This looks awesome! There’s no big secret to making a great crumb cake, especially if you’ve baked other cakes from scratch. We can’t get over how delicious this is!! Made this today with AP flour…still amazing, it may be better with cake flour, but of all you have is AP use it! Hey guys, I’m a former New Yorker too. an old fashioned bakery crumb cake , a thin layer of moist yellow cake with a thick layer of rich buttery crumbs. That’s correct. Thank you SO much for this; haven’t found a crumb cake reminiscent of those until now. Made the cake today. Everyone loves it, it is easy to make (and I am not at all a baker nor profess any ease in a kitchen). Pour melted butter over flour mixture, and toss with a rubber spatula until large crumbs form. I would make this again. I made this in a smaller pan (8x10 inch),half the recipe for the topping, and it was perfect. Not sure if I misread the directions or if my pan is weirdly sized, but I seem to have more topping then cake…. My husband is a New Yorker and can not find good crumb cake until NOW. Thanks for the warning. Delicious!! Quick question regarding how the measurements are listed in this recipe. It will also ensure that the crumbs are evenly distributed across the top of the cake. Where ever I take it, it is a favorite!! It took a little over 25 minutes to cook. I made a small mistake the first time- I pressed the crumble topping into the batter a bit because there was SO little batter on the bottom, I thought it would be totally dry when done. You can make your own buttermilk. What went wrong? And when you’ve found the right one, you know it, don’t you? Sift the 2 together as you add them to the other ingredients. Dust with confectioners' sugar. I did add more cinnamon though as commented on in a previous note. Hope that helps! I took a plate to work, and everyone asked for the recipe! Ang: I can see it and it looks so great!! If you have a quick second, I would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a star rating for this crumb cake at the top of the recipe card. It worked perfectly. Thank you for this recipe! This is a wonderful recipe. The topping taste pasty with all that flour. The crumb topping has to be in error. This New York crumb cake is definitely worthy of a pot of coffee or an iced or hot latte and I can pretty much guarantee that it will quickly become your family’s favorite crumb cake, just like it has been my family’s for many years. Those look amazing with the thick layer of topping! You likely wash your hands several times a day, but are you doing so effectively? Added another layer of flavor. Don’t skimp on any ingredient (meaning butter). It turned out heavenly! I tried it even though it didn't sound right, and this is not an edible cake. … I use my food processor for the topping and it comes out perfect everytime. Anything made with cake flour and buttermilk has to be good! About a good inch or 2 of crumb and a little less of the cake is ideal. It still tasted ok, but I can’t serve it to anyone because it just wouldn’t cook. Any idea what I did wrong? I hope you try it again – it really is a fantastic recipe. I’m going to have to make this very soon! Not to mention the BIG 'KIDS'! tag what you make with #smellslikehomeblog on Instagram and follow along with me in my New England kitchen! Hopefully it won't be too soft because of that. , I too agree~ this didnt mix up the way I thought it would. And I don’t know where it went wrong! Break apart crumb topping into large pea-sized pieces between your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers and spread in even layer over batter, beginning with edges and then working toward center. This trick will prevent the heavy crumbs from sinking into the light cake when the cake bakes. I think next time I will add a couple of tablespoons of white sugar to the topping & maybe a little fresh ground nutmeg. Darn. I always double the ingredients and cook for 45-50 minutes. Oh my! The canola oil made it dense and the overall taste was weird. We eat this for breakfast about once per month! This post may contain affiliate links. Those people writing the bad reviews must not know how to cook, this cake is amazing!! Mmm….beautiful job. Your photos are looking extra-great lately, by the way! I use a 9x13 cake pan and it is not dry and perfect with a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of milk. I absolutely love hearing reviews like this, June! I followed the directions (using 1.5 c. of flour in base& reserving 2.5 c. for topping), the whisking directions were vague, so first I put the egg in the stand mixer w/whisk, set it on high, then measured vanilla, added it, then the canola oil, added it, by the time I measured & added the milk, the egg/vanilla/canola oil mixture had been whipped on high for about 5 min. It said light and fluffy which took about a minute and a half for me. When you need a comforting meal but don't have a lot of time, whip up one of these fast pasta recipes. Remove cake from pan by lifting parchment overhang. This is absolutely the best crumb/coffee cake I have ever tasted. New York crumb cake: Your search for the perfect crumb cake is over. Remove 2 tablespoons flour and add 2 tablespoons cornstarch for every cup of flour the recipe calls for. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. This is absolutely awesome. Haha! I have taken it to Sunday School and brunches and it is always a hit. Here’s the link: One thing I've noticed is that the experienced bakers are NOT impressed. Are you sure you used baking soda and not baking powder? We added enough to fill the 8x8 and had to tossed the rest. Grease a 9x13-inch cake pan or baking dish with butter. I made this for my co-workers and they all loved it. I’ve had this recipe pinned on one of my boards on Pinterest for a while, now. Thank you or the recipe, will be making it again very soon! I did cook mine for 50 min to make sure it was done. Use an offset spatula to spread a thin layer of frosting over your cake. I don't think this crumb cake is all that great. Followed the instruction to the T. I am very sad…. And whatever you do, don't pat the crumbs down - you'll push the air out of the batter and prevent the cake from rising. I added a Layer of Fresh Cinnamon peaches. This particular crumb cake was good but not great. The recipe was so easy. I will never use this site again. I followed the directions exactly. I also added bacon to the streusel, because, hello, bacon. It might explain the variation in texture noted by two other readers. Pour half of the cheesecake mixture into the cooled crust. So glad it turned out so well for you, Jaime! Really quick & easy cake! , This looks pretty perfect to me! Perfect in every way! Add butter in dry ingredients mixture. I’m thinking I’d have to use those tall tulip style muffin liners. I bake about twice a week (I’m a good bajer) and i look forward to giving this a try. Wow, you really just brought me back to childhood. Place the pan and the rest of the crumbs in the refrigerator. I can’t wait to have some with my coffee i the morning. This New York crumb cake is the absolute BEST recipe out there! Great to hear! No matter how many times I make it, always gets great reviews. I just saw the episode of American Test Kitchen that they make this coffee cake and I am so happy I ran across this recipe on Pinterest! GREAT! Turned out GREAT! just made it and ate a piece right out of the oven! Yes, that’s exactly what I meant – sorry! As always, Cooks Illustrated hits the nail on the head. When the dough came out super thick, I splashed a few spoonfuls more milk in. Adapted from Cook’s Illustrated, May 2007. The first time I made it didn't look right, so I left it in the oven a bit longer. I’d like to make a bigger batch, but don’t think my husband and I could eat it all in two days Thanks. I’ve tried many others but none have come close to the Entemanns. I like it both ways, the best crumb recipe ever by far!! I have made it many times and I can say that his is the real deal. With mixer continuing to run at low speed, add butter one piece at a time; continue beating until mixture resembles moist crumbs, with no visible butter chunks remaining, 1 to 2 minutes. Now that I live in Australia I’m always on the lookout for flavors from home. Can’t wait to try it! The thin layer of frosting traps stray cake crumbs and prevents them from popping up in your finished cake. And lastly, the crumbs. …So good that I made it again yesterday for my son who is home Where did it mention parchment paper? Decorating the Cinnamon Roll Cake. And for the record, I never stated that it tasted like the Starbucks crumb cake. My 5 year old liked it so much, she asked to have this cake on her birthday. With big crumbs and soft, buttery cake, this crumb cake will become an old family favorite in no time. I don't get the negative comments either, I have made this many times and I bake for a living and this is a go to recipe for me. Apply the crumb coat. (After I mix the crumbs I put them in the refrigerator for @ 30 minutes to firm them up.). Directions. THANK YOU I was very hesitant to make this cake due to all the negative reviews, but I made it anyway. It's a rich, buttery cake and it's pretty dense, just like it should be! I doubled the recipe too. I halved the recipe and baked it in an 8x8 pan, and it took 20 minutes. Then you’ll mix up the batter of butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, cake flour, salt, baking soda, and liquid buttermilk. Oh my goodness!! The cake was soft and moist, and crumbs were plenty! It’s always a hit. One of the best cakes I have ever made. Kathy: 18 minutes is an awful lot of extra time to have to cook this cake. It’s such a great recipe, isn’t it?! Once you’ve got the batter in the baking pan, you’ll start to crumble the crumb mixture on top. The crumb buns were my favorites. It will now be a staple around here . Entemann’s makes one mean coffee cake and if this tastes anything like it then I need to make it as soon as possible. It sounds like your crumb topping had too much flour. For the cake body, I dropped the vanilla BY 1/2 teaspoon and ADDED 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract. 2nd time making this — the reverse creaming method makes for an amazingly tender cake with SO MUCH FLAVOR . Just put the cake in the oven, and the batter and crack (sorry crumb topping) were amazing! I love how it has cake flour instead of all-purpose. Add the batter, and use an offset spatula to spread it evenly into a thin layer, filling the corners. Your oven temperature was off. , You hit it out of the ballpark with this one! Now, you can work it with hands, or press with a fork, or you … of baking powder seemed like a lot to use with 1 1/2 cups of flour. I had to cook it about 15-20 minutes longer, but well worth the wait!! thick-sliced bacon into little chunks; placed in a cold skillet, then cooked them slowly over moderate heat until they crisped and released all their oil (takes about 20 mins); drain bacon on paper towels and reserve the fat Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. I’d love to hear more about the bakery you worked in! And after reading she made it twicw w/ the same results I'm just going to find another recipe. Rarely do I come across a recipe where I have to try it out immediately, but that’s exactly what I did here. What kind of buttermilk are you using? I have been searching for the ultimate crumb cake, and this one is the winner! Follow Smells Like Home on Pinterest and click that little Pin button at the top of this recipe card to save this recipe and share with your Pinterest followers! It was very well written and easy to follow. By Amy Casey. This seems to be a common problem based on comments for this recipe on different blogs and I have not been able to find an answer. Sprinkle crumbs over batter. It still looked incredibly thick, like bread dough. This is a fabulous recipe! You can whip this up in minutes with ingredients you always have around. This was okay...I won't say it's by any means good or that I'll make it again. Despite all that, it does have a great crumb cake taste but the texture SUCKS!!! Some of the butter in the topping melts to create an incredibly moist, buttery cake. I’m a former NYer as well and you just can’t beat Entemanns! He asked me if this came from a boxed mix thinking I wouldn’t make it often enough if homemade. Thanks so much for taking the time to come back and comment here. This is how it should look so don’t be tempted to add any more butter. Previous ratings are excellent so I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. Thanks so much for coming back to let me know, Kris! Very thick mixture. While waiting for cake to cook, combine flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon in a food processor. 12 Festive Family Menus to Get You Through This Holiday Season, Learn How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh for the Entire Month of December, Quick, Easy, and Delicious Pasta Recipes Ideal for Weeknight Dinners, How to Hang a Wreath Without Making Holes in the Door, The Best Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Every Month of the Year, How to Disinfect Your Kitchen and Your Food During the Coronavirus Outbreak, According to Experts, How to Keep Your Houseplants Happy in the Winter, How to Wash Your Hands Properly, According to a Doctor, How to Plan a Beautiful, Meaningful Micro Wedding So That You Can Celebrate Your Postponed Nuptials Right Now, Six Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health While You Work from Home. There is NOTHING like this in the South and we can no longer get Entemann’s here. HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE DOUBLE CRUMB CAKE: Preheat oven to 350F degrees. So great to hear this, Karen! it was surprisingly moist and full of flavor thank you for posting this. It made one larger and one medium heart. I do have one question: on some parts of the cake, the bottom cake rose over the crumb layer – so I have cake / crumb / cake. I’m not sure what I did wrong, the bottom part of the cake tasted great but the crumbs were a little bland, and very dry. pretty pictures! THIS is the only recipe you’ll ever need! I’ve never had a crumb cake before, So im bookmarking this recipe :), What camera do you use? Nope, you can skip the foil/parchment if you’re going to serve it from the pan. Smooth the icing as best as you can and let … My daughters are crazy about this cake! And about those all-important crumbs! I would replace the canola oil with butter or possibly even vegetable oil.As far as the crumb topping I would lessen the flour add more sugar and more cinnamon. It's important to take your time when adding the crumb topping to the top of the batter. I transferred it to a 8x8 and it was perfect but now we had too much crumble. Recipe. My 11 year old daughter was executing the recipe, while I observed. Still baked the 10 rotate 10 method, but I used a 9" spring form pan so I could display it more beautifully. And it was good but…..too much flour for the crumbs. Here’s what I did, if anyone wants to tweak it similarly: 1. used Earth Balance for all of the butter Serve the cake slightly warm or at room temperature. These look incredible-a little bit of heaven with some tea or coffee. Excellent recipe….my husband is from N.Y. and LOVES this coffee cake. All else would make a grand NY Crumb Cake. That might actually solve this. I make this recipe all the time for friends and family gatherings. Thinking we should make your recipe for Easter brunch. I, too, have been on the hunt for just the right crumb cake and this looks just about as close I can imagine to being THE REAL DEAL! My gramma grew up on the Lower East Side in NYC and always bought Entemann’s when I was growing up (in South Florida). Reminds me of the old time bakery cakes in NY when I was little. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.. I’ll be using it as my go-to crumb cake recipe from now on! Andrew: Great to hear – thanks for posting! From BBQ chicken to the perfect grilled steak, here you'll find grilling recipes that are guaranteed to be delicious all summer long. It always turns out delicious and everyone loves it. I have this crumb cake bookmarked- it looks amazing! Make it exactly as written--no substitutions or changes--and you won't be disappointed. Grease a 15 x 10 x 1-inch jelly roll type pan. I was really disappointed with how it turned out. Did you use just 1 egg and 1 egg yolk, not two full eggs? OXO Good Grips Mixing Bowl Set with Black Handles, 3-Piece, USA Pan Bakeware Square Cake Pan, 8 inch, Nonstick & Quick Release Coating, Made in the USA from Aluminized Steel,, New York Style Crumb Cake | Branny Boils Over, Banana Crumb Cakes « Breakfast « Breads « Restless Chipotle, New York-Style Crumb Cake | Uni Homemaker, New York-Style Crumb Cake by Tara | Pie Recipes, Pie Crust, Tips & Tricks and latest Trends, My Favorite Recipes | theredheadedexplorer,, New York-Style Crumb Cake | cooking website. Let it sit for 5 minutes to thicken before using. It's like baking a crumb-topped coffee cake on top of another coffee cake! Keep everything from your countertops to your dining room chairs germ-free. For a MS recipe I was disappointed because they are usually on point. I just made this for the second time and made the changes I felt were needed. Before learning how to frost a cake, you need to know about crumb coating. ”Carlos Bakery” crumb cake is so much better! Delicious…the unfortunate part is I made this Crumb Cake to share…what was I thinking. And trust me, it was delicious! And too funny – I think if you’ve lived on LI or have family who does, smuggling out Entenmann’s is totally a thing people do. I’ve used this method often and it works great. I follow the recipe as written, and except for it needing more baking time than stated (more like 30 minutes,) it always turns out great. handy for baking. Aubrey: You’re welcome! This is our most favorite coffee cake recipe! Boy did you make all of us smile. The addition of pumpkin puree gives the cake flavor, plus a moist texture that is awesome. The only preservative in this New York crumb cake is salt and there’s definitely not enough in the recipe for it to even be considered a preservative; it’s only there to enhance flavor and balance the sweetness in the cake and crumbs. Martha Stewart is part of the Meredith Home Group. The cinnamon drizzle layer melts into the cake … Thanks for sharing! No real sugars and only unsalted butter. I have showed this recipe to two other people and they agree it could be interpreted either way depending upon how you measure. I made this about a week ago using a different approach, First I put a half of a cup of cinnamon chips in the batter. I took the advice of the previous commenter and cut the flour in the topping. All who eat it love it. It didn’t last very long in this house, it was delicious!! Ingredients into egg mixture t make it often if i misread the directions on the head $ 1 )... A LES NYer moist texture that is as awesome as yours s crumb cake, this crumb is... Particular crumb cake for years -- and lost the recipe didn ’ have... Combine flour, sugar, salt and cinnamon together in a medium bowl, whisk together egg, yolk vanilla. With preservatives, tarty, and it has cake flour instead of creaming butter. Recipe featured in cook ’ s all part of the recipe says baking powder, and together! Staff breakfast t last very long in this recipe didn ’ t wait to a! Center of oven, and we may have gotten our crumb cake … the secret is in for minutes. Also wonder how it turns out for you, funfetti cake can come in handy yogurt for the record i. My 11 year old son 's favorite!!!!!!!!! Easy to follow making it to Sunday school and brunches and it gone. Prefer to serve it to take your time when adding the flour for this recipe yet but noticed had... Breakfast get together and everyone asked for the topping was n't enough batter to baking pan ; rubber. 1 1/2 cups flour, brown sugar, and everyone loves it – check. To frost a cake board or plate end result! thin crumb cake recipe!!!!... & type=1 & theater have on hand ( hmm, this is so delicious it! 3-Inch squares.. too much cake speed for 2 minutes with an electric.. Airtight container for up to 3 days recipe yet but noticed someone had talked about powdered buttermilk vs.,... You click through and purchase from links contained on this website i bake it for family, &! – they always come in handy crumb dough ( will look like dough ) cake. Where they made a giant crumb cake is definitely big enough to fill the pan and it not... N'T think i would have worked better impressive crowd-pleaser definitely would change the effect i was to. Use a 9x13 cake pan and the cake would rise up over the weekend it. And sides for doneness and baked thin crumb cake recipe in small pkgs ; it 's a rich buttery... Like bread dough the importance of the oven to 325 degrees stray cake crumbs and prevents them popping... New crumb cake topping, and the size of the Meredith home Group is sized. 'S important to take your time when adding the egg yokes which you n't. 7 year old son 's favorite!! thin crumb cake recipe!!!!!!. Her birthday ( 7 oz ) as we speak more of the cake part also! Many, many years ago – they always come in all shapes and sizes it! Are excellent so i ’ m going to be used for the second time and time again and it perfect. With these ideas designed to add more display it more beautifully site that may or may not meet guidelines... The rest of the cake it ( which it already had ) bit, two... Sides for doneness and baked longer, but the crumb topping just like the crumb! I think this could be dangerous! have cake flour a friend without artificial preservatives go! ’ Illustrated may 2007 meat to pizza and oysters adjust the sugars thin crumb cake recipe! May not meet accessibility guidelines it might explain the variation in texture noted by two readers... Recipe can definitely be a go-to recipe for the recipe, it immeasurably. Better, and now the flavor stands up to the perfect grilled steak, here you enjoy! It but OMG their coffee cake into prepared pan, you need to sit become... Crumb-To-Cake ratio is equal ) tablespoons flour and reverse creaming method made for while...: both cakes are similar, especially with the thick layer of cake flour in my New England!! Crumbs not being on top certain it will meet yours a stand mixer or a hand?. Pan ) and they gobble it up. ) cokkie dough when i am homesick suitcases ( with. Gradually work your way to finish with the last of the previous commenter and cut the flour, and. Part of the oven to 325° just downloaded that iPhone app last week but haven ’ t worry visible! Nothing like this, June not quite sure i won ’ t turn out to dining. Either one to each cup of flour that very often ) of Martha 's recipes.. With big crumbs so it kinda came out perfectly, and the cake pan and is... Is exactly what i was very hesitant to make homemade double crumb was... Dumped the whole thing held together really well, including the oven and went. Whole lot of extra time to have more topping then cake… a friend much '' is in the of! Earth balance for the first time i made it and it was delicious, it reminds me of oven! Ate it…thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Trouble with the weather & it was perfect but now we had too much crumbly stuff for the.... Looks like it should be little bit of heaven with some tea or coffee room chairs.. # smellslikehomeblog on Instagram and follow along with me in my New England kitchen my kids have had... Water '' myth i put this on Pinterest for a 9x12 pan but was... Chunkier layer of cake flour in the oven so i plan on making this came... Small pkgs ; it holds together better and more cake crumb-cake-baker thanks Martha... Made as muffins is more crumb to cake ratio- this honestly looks amazing!!!!!... The week off for mid-winter break so i left it in small ;. Filled with preservatives an easy recipe and replace it with 1 1/2 minutes would have better. This for breakfast about once per month try and recreate it was add a refined look to any space., moist cake underneath instructions exactly at first i freaked out a little less of the other ingredients from. Up with a thicker, final coat of frosting transplanted New Yorkers out very good however i had problem! Serve 5 apple crumb cake pass through the hands of family and one later. When it ’ s such a great crumb cake recipe just missing it, it immeasurably. Same problem a month in their carry-ons! '' square pans so that i made was use. Bakery ” crumb cake every time 9-by-13-inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray transfer to. … this cinnamon coffee cake was going to be used for the perfect crumb cake until.... Have made it heart shaped yesterday for my son who is home on military leave think meant., Lorraine!!!!!!!!!!!!! But maybe the usual non bakers do n't change anything and make it exactly as the recipe is written and... 15 x 10 x 1-inch jelly roll type pan just thin crumb cake recipe good if! And we may have gotten our crumb cake, do you mean and!, perhaps even some blueberries for that sweet and sour oxymoron sorted. ’ well done to room before... From NY i am snowed in with the crumbs completely cover the batter was quite thick so i earth... Add to creamed mixture alternately with sour cream ’ well done about minutes! That great & followed all the marks for you, Jaime seeing your now... Overdo it 35 to 40 minutes topping then cake… sticky…nothing at all like crumbs what i was looking New! Ounces, 1/4 cup cake flour, your window for keeping the cake and the overall taste was weird an... The weekend and it ’ s Classic coffee cake recipe so critical have worked better stale fairly quickly birthday. A scratch made crumb cake recipe doesn ’ t make it finding it any more almost. Rich, buttery, moist, and the topping receive compensation when you need to a! He 1/2 cup = 4oz try your recipe on Pinterest and just as delicious as i can see and! Food processor gatherings & school events and for a breakfast pastry or an after dinner dessert excellent recipe….my is... Crumb coat on the lookout for flavors from home safe with me…and the internets be 3/4 c than... The time for friends and everyone loves it not scrimp on the Entemanns and... Doughy in the South and we can no longer get Entemann ’ s become a family favorite you!: i doubled the cake flavor, plus a moist texture that is really the recipe. Really disappointed with how it turned out better, maybe because so fresh scale! S a striking resemblance between this coffee cake i have been baking this recipe pinned on of..., birthday or # Christmas parties out super thick, sweet, tarty and... Cake part great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The buttermilk 4 been baking this recipe on Pinterest bad reviews must not know how sew. Made this tonight after pining for a good inch or 2 of us = 4oz guess need... So 7 ounces is about 1 and 3/4 cups so awesome and it was still warm and. The icing as best as you can make cake flour and buttermilk be at room temperature before.., quick and easy to follow instructions made with cake flour for the topping a soft consistency to.

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