First Blockchain-Exclusive Birth Certificates Recorded in Brazil

The Brazilian government successfully pioneers birth certificates on the blockchain with the recent announcement that the country has issued the first-ever birth certificate utilizing blockchain technology. 

Modern Technology to Replace Slow Governmental Practices 

The initiative to create blockchain-based birth certificates was a joint effort by the Brazilian government alongside tech giant IBM and Growth Tech. With the aim of bypassing the painstakingly slow registry office along with the bureaucratic obstacles in the birth registration process, the government hoped that with blockchain technology, the process will provide efficiency and transparency.  

The parents of baby Álvaro de Medeiros Mendonça, were invited to the hospital to take part in the world’s first blockchain birth registry. Tech company Growth Tech and IBM outlined the process of how to register their child on the new system, which the parents commented on saying the process was “convenient and time-saving as it took us less than five minutes.” 

The Registration Process  

Carlos Rischioto, IBM’s blockchain leader in Latin America, explained that the child registration method has three stages which include the following: 

  • The first step or the ‘Live Birth Statement’ is issued to the family by the hospital. 
  • In the second phase of the process, the parents of the child have to create a digital identity on the ledger platform. 
  • The third and the last step involve the sending of the relevant information to the notary office that finalizes the birth certificate. 

The registration was made through Growth Tech’s Notary Ledgers platform, which provides virtual notary services. The firm’s founder Hugo Pierre says that the startup sought a new solution to provide better efficiency in recording birth certificates. 

Medical Data Management and Blockchain 

The move to register births on the blockchain is not the first time blockchain tech has been used in the medical field. Earlier this year a South Korean hospital entered a partnership with blockchain medical data marketplace Longenesis and Insilico Medicine to establish a blockchain-based health data management solution. 


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