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Get your sales up with crypto this Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner (November 27th to be exact) and shoppers all over the world are priming their wallets for a spending spree.  

Now, although it’s an exciting time of year with discounts and deals a plenty, things are bound to be a bit different for everyone.  

For a start, some countries are still in lock-down and in those that aren’t, there are still loads of people that aren’t willing to risk getting infected for a flat screen T.V on sale.  

Considering this, it’s safe to assume that online customers are going to be driving Black Friday sales for most companies. This means that being competitive and standing out this Black Friday is more important than ever because people will have hundreds of thousands of alternative discounts, deals and offers right at their fingertips.  

So, the question is, as a company, what are you doing to stand out and be competitive this Black Friday?   

If your answer is nothing or ‘offer amazing discounts,’ don’t worry – we’ve got you covered 

Allow me to introduce you to the ultimate marketing tool: crypto payments 

For those that are unaware, crypto usage has spiked considerably since the start of the pandemic. With customers migrating to online shopping, crypto has managed to gain some traction – even amongst those that aren’t really familiar with cryptocurrencies or blockchain. 

As Black Friday nears, a good portion of these customers will most likely be looking for companies that accept their crypto 

So, by not accepting crypto payments during your Black Friday sales, you may be alienating a large AND growing group of customers. What’s more, crypto allows you to 

  • Save BIG on payment transaction fees  
  • Eliminate the chargebacks that are likely to ensue from this year’s impulse buyers 
How do I get started?  

Simple: start accepting crypto payments with PumaPay 

PumPay is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency payment solution. We make paying in and accepting crypto easy for merchants and their clients.  

With an array of billing models thanks to our PullPayment Protocol and an advanced mobile wallet, our solution provides a comprehensive way for merchants to offer their services to crypto users.  

Our technology is advanced – but our solution is simple, and our team works hard to make integration virtually seamless. So, if you want to switch things up this year and get your sales up this Black Friday with crypto– we’ve got your back!   

Want to get your sales up this Black Friday 

Book a consultation and go crypto with PumaPay.  

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