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How to Start Accepting Crypto Payments in Your Business

With crypto payments gaining more traction with the average customer, online merchants are beginning to recognise the value that accepting cryptocurrencies holds for their business. Many, however, are reluctant to join the market because of its seeming complexity. To combat this, we will demonstrate just how easy accepting crypto payments can be.  

In the interest of keeping it simple, we will be using the PumaPay Business Console. 

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PumaPay is an advanced cryptocurrency payment solution that utilizes blockchain technology to enact a payment protocol where merchants can “pull” crypto payments, powered by the PMA token, from their customers accounts. The solution is free of charge and includes hassle-free integration. 

The steps are as simple as follows:  

1. Set up your Merchant Account  

To begin, you will need to go to and create a merchant account.  Be sure to follow the instructions given to you carefully. Until you verify your account, you won’t have full access to all features, but you can use TestNet to play around with different billing models and transactions. 

2. Connect your wallet

Once you have access to your Business Console, you will find two wallets: your Treasury and Gas wallet. Your Treasury Wallet stores all the funds from payments made by customers and your Gas Wallet contains the cryptocurrency needed to accept these transactions. 

 To continue, you will need to connect your wallets. Start by downloading the PumaPay mobile app and follow this quick tutorial 

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3. Create your advanced billing model

Next, go to Products and create your first billing model. Be sure to select the model that is most compatible with your product/service. Then, simply copy the snippets provided and use them to embed the QR-code into your website. Remember, if you haven’t verified your account, everything you do will be done on Test-Net.  

If you need extra help, feel free to watch this onboarding video 

Billing models explained- how to accept crypto -

When you’re ready to start accepting crypto payments, be sure to verify your account by uploading your business details and the necessary documents outlined by the console. Once your business profile is verified, you can switch to Mainnet and start accepting crypto either by; copying the snippets provided for your QR-code and embedding them in your website or using the tools available in the Developer Tools Tab. More information regarding API integration can be found online here 

Should you run into any problems, feel free to contact PumaPay for help at [email protected]  


Are you ready to start accepting crypto payments in your online business? 

Register for free today!  

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