Lambos, Cryptos and Mooning


The Lambo phenomenon is nothing else but the event of having earned so much cryptos that you can afford a Lamborghini. Lamborghini stands for new money, and in this case, cryptocurrencies, a lot of them. 

This is why, “Lambo” is connected to another crypto term, “mooning.” 


Mooning which refers to the moon and cryptocurrencies skyrocketing, means exactly that: your favorite cryptocurrency is growing in unimaginable speeds, something that results in the “Lambo” phenomenon.  

But why is the Lamborghini so closely connected to cryptos? 

Obviously, the car symbolizes luxury, wealth, success and status. It is the ultimate status symbol to prove success in the cryptocurrency world. If you have so much bitcoin that you can afford a Lambo, then you are successful. But this also proves the power of cryptos. Both are entangled and interconnected as one legitimizes the status of the other. Bitcoin must then be something positive and usable since it can afford you a luxury item in the real world. 

“When Lambo?” 

As crypto millionaires spend bitcoin on Lamborghinis, the “Lambo” has become the visible marker of crypto bro culture. The phrase “When Lambo?” is used in the crypto sphere by people who want to know when their investments will actually grow enough to allow them to buy a Lamborghini. 

This is why, a humorous website called When Lambo” parodies the whole phenomenon by allowing you to check whether you favorite cryptos “will rise enough in value to enable you to buy a Lamborghini Abentador (Lambo). When Lambo uses real-time values of over 50 cryptocurrencies, refreshing every minute.” 

A Lamborghini is also part of a famous meme where Ethereum creator, Vitalik Buterinis presented as Jesus holding a red Lamborghini in his hands.  

The most famous example of “mooning” leading to the “Lambo” phenomenon is when career entrepreneur Peter Saddington bought a Lamborghini with his bitcoin back then, in 2017, when the coin was enjoying an all-time high.  



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