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Make Paying in PMA Even Easier for Your Customers!

To make paying with PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol as user-friendly as possible, we have equipped merchants with yet another tool to help improve the purchasing experience for their customers. 

Thanks to a recent update, our merchants can now simply log in to the PumaPay Business Console, copy specialized QR-Code Templates, and easily embed them into the payment page of their website. 

With up to 5 different templates available, including a customizable option, merchants can now guide the process of PMA payments for customers who may be unfamiliar with or new to PumaPay cryptopayments. And with direct links to the PumaPay Wallet app on Google Play and the App Store, the new QR-Code and payment button templates serve as a straightforward method of payment. 

Along with this update, we are constantly working to improve the products and services that make up the PumaPay ecosystem, and we look forward to announcing further optimizations of the PumaPay solution in the near future. 

If you have already integrated with PumaPay, we have created a dedicated reference guide on our Wiki page to help you add these new customized QR-Code Templates to your website. 

New to PumaPay? Want to start accepting cryptopayments in your online business? 

Register for free today! 

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