rent24 integrated with PumaPay -

Pay for Your rent24 Coworking Space in PMA!

Customers of rent24, a prominent global provider of coworking spaces, can now pay for their workspace invoices in PMA using the PumaPay Mobile Wallet app

With our latest integration of the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol, we are proud to announce that rent24 has joined the growing network of businesses integrated with our blockchain-based payment solution.  

The flexibility of our protocol has allowed for seamless integration with rent24’s existing payment platform, enabling the global company to showcase multiple payment scenarios that were not previously possible over the blockchain, such as recurring billing payments. 

This integration signifies the latest of our Early Adopters to join PumaPay’s ecosystem which is constantly in the process of expanding. Pumapay CEO, Yoav Dror commented, “rent24 is a young, forward-thinking company that values innovation above all, the same values we pride ourselves on here at PumaPay.” Dror went on to say, “There is an obvious need for a flexible, low-cost payment platform across all industries, and we are proud to offer the PumaPay Protocol as this solution.” 

rent24 co-founder and CMO, Damian Leich, also commented on the latest integration, “We truly believe PumaPay’s solution can make payment processes more efficient, and we’re happy to onboard the PullPayment Protocol to our platform. It’s clear there is a growing demand for crypto billing, and rent24 believes in staying ahead of trends.” 

Despite these volatile times, fulfilling our corporate responsibilities, while maintaining the safety of our communities, is vital as we begin our collaboration with rent24. Here at PumaPay, we still look forward to what the future has to hold and, ultimately, the further expansion of the PumaPay ecosystem in the upcoming months.

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