Recurring Payments Are Here!
We Launched V2.0 on Mainnet:
The PumaPay PullPayment Protocol is available on the Mainnet. Any merchant or business can now integrate and start setting up PullPayment recurring billing for their customers. The protocol is flexible enough to support almost any business logic, including single payments, recurring payments (with or without trial period), and the combination of a single payment followed by recurring payments.

Billing Models

With our billing models you can create different pricing plans for your products. Below you can see some examples you can use or customize to your business logic.
Time-based fixed amount:

Time-based fixed amount:

NETLYNX charges their customers a recurring subscription fee of $11.95.

Single payment + Subscription

Single payment + Subscription

FINDER sets up a 3-day trial period for $2.99 followed by monthly recurring subscription of $7.99 for 12 months

One-time billing

One-time billing

Single PullPayment for a one-time transaction.

Free Trial + Subscription

Free Trial + Subscription

NATIONAL CRYPTOS offers its customers a free trial for a month, followed by 11 monthly recurring payments.

Technical Details

Technical Overview

PumaPay PullPayment Protocol overview by the PumaPay Chief Blockchain Architect, Giorgos Kourtellos

Integration Manual

Check our manual to learn how you can start integrating the PMA billing solution

Github & Documentation

Our Github repository contains complete documentation, requirements, and other resources for the PumaPay Protocol

We are here to assist you!

Need help with the integration? If you couldn’t find the answers to your questions on our Github, our development team will be happy to assist. Contact our developers directly via Telegram or Email.

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