The Future of Payments

By Combining The Flexibility And Scalability Of Credit Cards With The Advantages Of Blockchain Technology, PumaPay Shapes The Future Of Payments And Makes Cryptocurrency Transactions Possible In Daily Life.

Accept PMA Token!

v1.0 with the Push Payment is here! Come on board and start accepting PumaPay Token.

The Components


The PumaPay server is the core of the cutting-edge Pull solution, which enables implementation of the protocol to facilitate recurring payments and integration with third-party services.


PumaPay’s carefully designed APIs with built-in HTTP features facilitate integration with the PumaPay core server and help merchants create the best possible payment solution for their customers, while the SDK tool set allows flexible use of the PumaPay solution with any type of merchant platform.


The PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet was designed for both Android and iOS devices and allows users to store, send and receive payments using PMA, ETH and any other ERC20 tokens. Currently facilitating a common ‘push’ action to make a purchase, the mobile wallet app is continuously upgraded. Future releases will support in-app funding using credit/debit cards, crypto to crypto conversion and more.


The merchant portal is a B2C feature that aims to deliver the complete set of services enabled by the PullProtocol to businesses which are part of the PumaPay ecosystem.

The Protocol

PumaPay’s innovative technology relies on the ‘PullContract’, which by reversing the mechanism of crypto transactions allows payment options such as recurring billing, pay-per-use, and installment-based transactions that are not supported by current blockchain-based payment solutions.

As a free and open-source technology, the PullPayment protocol can be used by a variety of businesses either as is, or as a basis for developing their own blockchain-based billing methodologies.

The first version of the PumaPay protocol is already available for adoption as a standard ‘push’ solution, with multiple PullPayment features scheduled for release in 2018.

The PumaPay Wallet

The PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet allows users to receive, send and store any ERC20 tokens.


Current Release

◆ Send & receive payments using any ERC20 token
◆ Get in-app notifications after receiving payments
◆ View the JPY equivalent value of the token balance
◆ Benefit from an enhanced performance & design


Next Release

◆ Convert any ERC20 and other tokens
◆ Purchase PMA with your Credit Card
◆ Start using PullContract for recurring payments
◆ New app design


Future Releases

◆ Full set of payment options with the Pull protocol
◆ Acquire PumaPay Tokens within the App
◆ Cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency conversion
◆ In-app funding option via credit card
◆ Fiat to PMA conversion
◆ Face recognition

Merchant Portal

The Merchant Portal is envisioned as an extension to the PumaPay Pride business directory, which will allow merchants to register, add their company information and access the API and SDK integration tools. With the 3rd release of the PumaPay solution, the platform will allow businesses to feature their products and services and run marketing campaigns for crypto holders.



Head over to the PumaPay GitHub project page to get a complete list of explanations and the code.


Documentation will include the implementation, use cases, general instructions, and more.

Need Assistance?

We’re happy to guide you through the integration process and assist you in any way. Just email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible!