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PumaPay How-To: Spotting Online Scams

It has come to our attention that there have been several websites and social media pages impersonating PumaPay. This is why we wanted to put together our top tips to help you stay vigilant to scams while navigating the crypto space online. 

Before we start… 

REMEMBER: PumaPay will never ask you to divulge your personal details, send funds or participate in any monetary giveaways. 

If this is requested by a company using the PumaPay name, be aware that you may be vulnerable to fraudulent activity. 

We are currently working to resolve this issue; however, we ask that any suspicious activity is reported immediately via our contact page

And on that note, let’s dive in! 

1. Only use the official PumaPay social media channels as your source of info 

So, you’ve heard of PumaPay and want to keep up to date with all our goings-on by following us on social media. But beware, not every account with the PumaPay name will be your official source to PumaPay’s latest info.  

While we are working on the removal of these fraudulent accounts, please always make sure you are following our official pages. 

An example of this scam: 

Scam PumaPay Facebook account


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the official PumaPay Facebook page


2. Beware of fake giveaways 

A popular scam among fraudsters is to offer customers giveaways and competitions with unbelievable prizes. There’s just one catch… in order to verify your wallet address, you’ll need to send funds to an account (usually in BTC or ETH). 

Examples of this scam: 

Scam PumaPay giveaway
Scam PumaPay giveaway


  • Never send your funds to an unknown address.
  • PumaPay will never ask you to send crypto to an address or offer monetary giveaways such as this one. 

3. Don’t be fooled by the supporters! 

Scammers these days have an array of tricks to convince you that their platform is legitimate, including generating support from supposed ‘winners’ of previous giveaways or even backing from fake accounts in the name of our CEO, Yoav Dror. 

Examples of this scam: 

Scam PumaPay online support

Fake PumaPay online support Yoav Dror


  • Again, any PumaPay accounts partaking in giveaways such as these are scams, no matter how convincing their support. 
  • Please do not send money to accounts promising prizes in return for cryptocurrency. 

4. Stay vigilant! 

Following our top tips is just the first step to taking precautions against online scammers. Always staying vigilant and doing your research is the best course of action to protecting your funds. Remember, you can report any suspicious activity to the PumaPay team via our  Report a Scam form on our contact page. 

Stay safe out there! 

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