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PumaPay is leading the way to mass crypto adoption

As a dynamically expanding blockchain-based payment solution provider, PumaPay has a vision to become one of the main contributors paving the way towards mass crypto adoption. To do sowe aspire to offer a complete, fully decentralized blockchain-based payment system that allows anyone to transfer and receive payments virtually in any currency, with the PMA token acting as the facilitator of value, without worrying about risks associated with volatility.  

 Over the past two years, PumaPay has exceeded all we aspired to. Not only have we accomplished our business objectives and delivered on all goals listed in our white paper, but we have also managed to provide several additional products and features that address the unmet needs of the crypto community. 

Our advanced solutions continue to facilitate mass adoption of crypto, and as of today, we are proud to list the features that are making PumaPay a complete blockchain-based payment system: 

  •   Our innovative, fully customizable billing models, which are at the heart of the PullPayment Protocol; such as the Recurring and Auto-Top Up schemes. This is the engine that allows recurring payments over the blockchain, 1-click transactions and a plethora of other billing models that were not possible on the blockchain before. All our billing models were carefully curated to offer maximum compatibility with transactions seen in daily commerce. ✅ 
  • The PumaPay Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet App – A fully decentralized native app, available for Android and iOS devices, which enables users to safely sendreceive, and store main cryptocurrencies, such as; Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), as well as all other ERC-20 tokens. ✅   
  •    A streamlined cryptocurrency exchange service using the services of, accessible directly from the app, which makes it easy for crypto holders to convert their cryptos to PMA directly from within the wallet. ✅   
  • Refund Requests made possible with just the touch of a button, directly from the wallet app. This service encourages and supports trust between customers and merchants. ✅ 
  •    An easy wallet user onboarding flow that is fully compliant with the 5th Anti-MoneLaundering Directive and KYC verification process. Compliance is one of the most important challenges crypto will have to face in order to become accepted by mainstream financial systems. Therefore, in order to support mass adoption of crypto, we have ensured that our solution is  compliant with current AML laws, and we are also future proofing it so it will comply with future developments in the field. ✅ 
  • comprehensive payment gateway: Our Business Console platform that enables merchants to start accepting crypto payments, easily set up billing models and manage and optimize their payment flow. ✅   
  • PumaPay Fiat settlement Layer in partnership with crypto liquidity provider, Kemix, assuring zero exposure to crypto volatility and guaranteed full liquidity.  Thanks to this service, merchants don’t need to worry about the risks associated with volatility, as the currency rate is “locked” and the settlement to fiat guaranteed. Straightforward funds withdrawal with direct transfer into the business’ bank account is also available.  ✅   
  • New in-app banner placement that merchants can use to reach out to their clients. By utilizing this communication channel, merchants can engage customers, increase their sales and ultimately boost revenues. ✅   
  • Comprehensive PSPs solutions: Our PSP API solution enables seamless integration for PSP’s and their merchants or businesses wanting to accept crypto payments as an additional means of payment. By offering PSPs a range of advanced tools, we provide them with the means to easily onboard their clients and fully utilize all features of the PumaPay PullPayment protocol. ✅   
  • Fully certified solution by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standards (DSS) ensuring the highest safety standards and application of anti-fraud prevention measures. We follow and comply with global data security standards which means your data is safe and secure. ✅ 
  • Fully documented APIs making integration smooth and straightforward.  ✅  
  • An open-source developer hub space with complete documentation, product library and guides available at Wiki PumaPay✅ 
  • Finally, our most recent development, the “Buy Crypto” service, in partnership with the exemplary cryptocurrency exchange platform, N.EXCHANGE, enables PumaPay wallet users to purchase cryptocurrencies within the app with a credit/debit card. Combined with the ability to exchange crypto to PMA from within the wallet, and the Fiat Settlement Layer, we ‘close the loop’ and allow a complete payment system that is connected to the traditional financial system at its endpoints, allowing easy onboarding and offboarding. In the coming weeks, we aim to improve the process even further, allowing direct purchase of PMA tokens with credit card from within the wallet. ✅ 

And so, the list of our developments goes on! Looking to the future, we have loads more up our sleeve. In the coming weeks, we will share our vision for the future. Here’s a sneak-peek of projects we are currently looking at: 

  • Introducing our very own Side Chain.  This will allow for swifter transaction settlement times and lower GAS fees which will provide our users with better service and a more competitive system. 
  • US token – a new project that hopefully will enable us to be able to offer tokens to US- based clients, while fully complying with US Government regulation 
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – a staking mechanism that will allow PMA token holders to earn money for their holdings!  

Be sure to stay tuned, so you don’t miss out!  

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