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PumaPay Product Update: We Just Got Even Better (Again!)

While the world is on lockdown, PumaPay has been working hard to address the needs of our clients and taking this time to update our products to make them even better.  

With our latest developments, we have provided users with a more streamlined experience of both the PumaPay Mobile Wallet app and our Business Console than ever before! 

So, what’s new? 

Request Refunds at the Touch of a Button! 

As a customer, you can now request refunds for your purchases through the PumaPay Mobile Wallet app. Refunds can be requested for specific transactions, the details of which will be sent to the merchant, which they can access from the PumaPay Business Console.  

The merchant is then able to conveniently track all refund requests made from their customers and can respond by either approving, rejecting or issuing a partial refund. The customer is kept in the loop throughout the process and receives a notification informing them of the merchant’s decision – simple as that! 

Smooth Business Console Onboarding 

Our new update has also made the PumaPay Business Console onboarding process even more straightforward! When a merchant enters the Business Console for the first time, they will immediately be redirected to the ‘test mode’ version of the console called TestNet. Here you’ll be able to play around with some of the new features you’ll be using while you wait for your KYC verification. That’s right, get stuck in straight away! 

PumaPay is Fully Optimized 

As well as our main features update, we have also dedicated time to ensure that our original PumaPay products are always at their best. This is why our latest development also includes optimizations of PumaPay’s PullPayments, push notifications, our partnership with fox.exchange, as well as fixing general bugs found in the Wallet and Business Console. 

Why not check out some of the latest features for yourself? 

Download the PumaPay Mobile Wallet app today and experience a new way of managing your everyday crypto finances! 

Available in iOS and Android

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