PumaPay: Test Environment

This week, we will introduce the Test Environment: The Test environment simulates the Main environment, allowing you to test the business console, see how you can create billing models and how these will appear to your customers.

The Test environment does not generate any actual transaction of funds.

To access the Test environment, you first need to register with us, which means you need to go through the KYC process and add a wallet address. If you do not have a wallet address, then you can download our PumaPay wallet from Google Play or the Apple App store.

Once you log in to the business console, you can get test PMA tokens and try them out in the test environment.

On the top right of pages, you can find a dropdown button where you can individually choose to change from the Main to the Test environment. A pop-up will ask you to confirm whether you want to switch between the Main and Test environment.

In the Test environment, you can see how many currencies are available for billing models, understand the three types of billing models we offer and check how the business console works with our mobile wallet app.

Anything you create in the Test environment, such as billing models, won’t appear in the main environment. In the case of Products which are created in the test environment, these will also appear in the Mainnet from where you can delete them, if you like.

In future iterations of the business console, businesses will be able to access more data and analytics.

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