PumaPay Wiki and API Documentation are Now Available

Thinking of integrating with the PumaPay PullPayment Solution? Our developers’ wiki and API documentation are here to guide you through every step and make the integration process easier than ever!

In the wiki you’ll find all the resources you need to implement the PumaPay solution as well as some visual examples and answers to frequently asked questions like how the PullPayment Protocol works and more. In addition, the API documentation will provide you with further information on how to effectively create new billing models and add the right parameters so that the correct information is passed onto the server.

Our wiki and API documentation have been created and are currently maintained by our developers. Both contain walkthrough information and step-by step guides, some of which are illustrated below.

Check out our newly launched developers’ Wiki and API Documentation  and tell us what you think on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

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