PumaPay’s Pan-Asian Crypto Roadshow: Highlights From Seoul with OKEx, Hedera Hashgraph and Klaytn

Guest Post from Rachel Wolfson

PumaPay Meetup in Seoul

Following a successful meetup in Hanoi, Vietnam, PumaPay hosted its second meetup in Seoul, Korea on Monday evening as part of its pan-Asian roadshow.

An audience of nearly two hundred people gathered to hear Yoav Dror, CEO and co-founder of PumaPay, speak about the decentralized future of finance.

“PumaPay’s pan-Asia roadshow has been met with success so far and we are excited to see how enthusiastic everyone in Asia is about the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain. PumaPay has created a flexible blockchain based solution that allows merchants and brands to accept the PMA cryptocurrency. PMA tokens can already be used at a location in Tokyo and we hope to bring PMA to Korea soon,” Dror said during his opening presentation. 

Joining Dror on stage were guest speakers from Hedera Hashgraph, the decentralized public network; Klaytn, an enterprise-grade public blockchain project; and OKEx, a leading cryptocurrency exchange that just listed PumaPay’s PMA token

“OKEx wants to focus on projects in South Korea as we see much potential for growth in this region. This year we are welcoming more projects and we want to help promote them globally, such as Klaytn, who brought us Kakao. We also want to do something for the long term in South Korea, as we are finding more good projects here to make this industry grow. PumaPay will also help advance this and we are excited to partner with them,” Shirley Kwok, Senior Operations manager at OKEx, said. 

South Korea’s Ripe For Global Cryptocurrency Adoption

Each location PumaPay has chosen to visit during its roadshow proves to be strategic for cryptocurrency adoption. South Korea, for instance, has a population of about 50 million. It is one of the top fifteen economies in the world ripe for cryptocurrency adoption due to its exchange infrastructure, tech adoption and taxation policies. Statistics from Cindicator also show that South Korea accounts for 30% of the total world’s Cryptocurrency trading.

“There are many good blockchain projects that are still not well known in South Korea, which hampers growth and opportunities for both companies and investors. We welcome the PumaPay meetup in Seoul today, as this will help advance the cryptocurrency community here,” D.go, Korean blockchain influencer, said. 

Casting Global Influence 

In addition to guest speakers from OKEx, Hedera Hashgraph and Klaytn, a number of social media influencers joined the PumaPay meetup to cast their support. 

Bitboy Sesibong, one of South Korea’s blockchain celebrities with over 13 thousand YouTube subscribers, moderated the meetup panel with PumaPay, OKEx and Hedera Hashgraph. 

“The PumaPay and OKEx meetup was awesome. Many people attended and there was a great atmosphere that filled the room, as excitement for PumaPay was very evident. I’m glad I had the opportunity to moderate such a wonderful event,” Sesibong said.

Other influencers who joined the meetup included Kant, KillaWhale, and Ether Lab. Moreover, the event was hosted by former Miss Korea, OST “Hero” Kim, who has taken an interest in Korea’s cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

“PumaPay, OKEx, Hedera Hashgraph, Heritage Blocks hosted a wonderful meetup. While there are many blockchain based payment projects out there, PumaPay’s pull payment solution is the first to offer a subscription model for users. This means that cryptocurrency might be able to replace credit cards in the near future. I think we are seeing a transition between blockchain technology and safe money, and I do believe that blockchain will soon become a part of our daily lives,” Hero said.

Next Stop: Tokyo 

If you want to join in on the fun, be sure to register for the next PumaPay meetup in Tokyo, taking place Tuesday evening: //pumapayasiaroadshowtokyo.peatix.com/.

Highlights on Tokyo coming soon!

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