Star Trek to Enter Blockchain Game Universe

Star Trek starships will be entering a blockchain universe through blockchain game developer Lucid Sight and its space-based game Crypto Space Commander (CSC). Lucid Sight is teaming up with media firm CBS Interactive to bring U.S.S. Enterprise and other iconic Star Trek ships and collectibles to the CSC for a limited time in a cross-universe event. The news was announced on Tuesday (June 4) by Lucid Sight CTO and co-founder Fazri Zubair. 

Zubair expressed his enthusiasm for the iconic sci-fi series and said: “Star Trek inspired me at a young age to pursue a career in technology and it is such a privilege to bring ‘Star Trek’ into a new frontier with the first blockchain U.S.S. Enterprise. Simply put, blockchain technology provides verifiable digital ownership and enables us as developers to create Play-To-Own economies.” 

Finally, fans of Star Trek’s TV series and movies can put to good use the phrase “Beam Me Up, Scotty.” Commanders of their own spaceships, gamers can be transported to different star systems where they can mine stellar bodies, craft ships and items and battle pirates with their own starship. 

Divergence Alpha Event 

According to Zubair, Star Trek ships can be acquired through a time-limited rift: “The event will take place when a divergence rift opens up between the CSC & Star Trek (Prime Timeline) universes. When this occurs, several Star Trek ships will be made available to CSC players throughout the event. Upon the conclusion of the event, the rift will close but the items and ships acquired will remain.” 

Start Trek items and ships are secured on the Ethereum blockchain as a “True Digital Item,” which means they have their own irreversible and unchangeable blockchain and index serial numbers, in the order of their creation, Zubair explains in his announcement. The 2019 Star Trek digital items have been created and can be collected in the same way as the 1960s Star Trek toys. These Star Trek digital items will be playable, tradable between users and sellable in-game marketplaces. 


CSC is an open-universe PC/Mac game using blockchain technology to secure and validate ownership of all game assets which can be traded and sold in-game or in marketplaces. The Ethereum blockchain is used here as a “secure method of governance providing proveable, transferable, and delegated control of in-game assets,” and a”s an economic validator providing transparency to the number of items and resources available in the CSC universe.”  

The game has been in development for over a year and aims to have an initial release late summer on Steam

Sources: Coindesk, CSC 

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