A Sneak Peek at the PullPayment Solution in the Making

When the community asks, we deliver. A member of our Telegram group recently expressed his interest in how the PullPayment solution comes to be, and he is not the only one. Excitement and curiosity are the sentiments that dominate the PumaPay community. Because in such exciting times during project development nothing compares to a word …

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PumaPay Merchant Portal in Development! 

A new exciting week lies ahead and the PumaPay development team shakes things up from the very beginning. Scheduled for release with the 3rd version of the PumaPay solution, in early 2019, the Merchant Portal is a unique, B2B feature which “allows merchants to register to the PumaPay server and create a business profile”, says Milenko Strika, Head of Product.   Delving deeper into technicalities, the Merchant Portal will give merchants access to a unique set of API …

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新しくワクワクする週を迎え、PumaPay開発チームが一からもの事を動かしています。2019年初旬にPumaPayソリューションの第三弾のリリースとともに、事業者が自身でPumaPayのサーバーに登録でき、ビジネスプロファイルを作成できるという事業者ポータルという独自のB2B機能の完成を予定しています。商品部ヘッドのMilenko Strikaは報告しています。 専門的な面を掘り下げると、事業者ポータルにより独自のAPIキーセットへアクセスできるようになり、それがPumaPayサーバー、ブロックチェーンとつながり、究極的には事前に合意した条件で顧客の口座から資金を引き出すということを可能にします。専用のQR コード作成機能もあり、取引を承認する事業者や消費者間で使う決済情報を共有することができます。 PumaPayではわくわくするような出来事が続いています! Telegram, Facebook やTwitter でPumaPayの新しいパートナーシップ、技術についてのアップデート、その他に関して最新情報をチェックしましょう。

Looking Into the Future: Next-Generation Blockchain

PumaPay’s development team is looking into next-generation blockchain solutions to ensure the long-term success and scalability of the project. “As we continue to develop our solution, we are also testing other blockchains. While we’re looking into many different options, we prefer to keep our choice list open. No decision has been made yet in that regard, as we would like to explore all our possibilities before making any commitment”, says Aristos Christofides, PumaPay CTO.    The shift to …

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Testing, Testing: PumaPay’s Blockchain-Based Recurring Payment Solution!

Exciting times at PumaPay continue with more updates from the PumaPay development team. Our CTO Aristos Christofides just confirmed that they have reached the testing phase with the blockchain integration to support our recurring payment solution. “We’ve finalized the recurring payment protocol, and we are now testing it on the Ethereum blockchain. To facilitate value transfer between client and merchant we have developed an Oracle smart …

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Blockchain Partners Summit Wrap–Up

The Blockchain Partners Summit successfully ends PumaPay’s roadshow in South Korea, where we enjoyed prominent exposure as a platinum sponsor of the event.       “We did it again”, says jokingly Gleb Chernov, Business Development VP. “South Korea is definitely a crypto-hot country, but more than that the questions we received from attendees and their great feedback strengthens my belief …

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Blockchain Partners Summit Kicks Off Today!

The Blockchain Partners Summit kicks off today and the PumaPay team are ready to make the most of it! Shortly, CEO Yoav Dror will be presenting the PumaPay solution and interacting with more blockchain experts and crypto enthusiasts in Korea. The team are already at the Walkerhill Hotel, in Walkerhill-ro Gwgangjin-gu, Seoul. If you happen to be in the area, let’s meet at booth 9 in the Vista …

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Coming Soon: PumaPay Faucet

True to our word to keep you updated on the development stages of the PumaPay recurring payment solution and its components, we’re excited to announce that we’ve reached the final stages of development and testing phase with the PumaPay Faucet. This feature allows users to access test tokens and test our recurring payments solution.  “The faucet will be available soon to allow our community the means …

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Beyond Blocks Summit Wrap-Up

Beyond Blocks Summit ended on a high note for PumaPay. CEO Yoav Dror’s presentation of the PumaPay solution attracted hundreds of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain experts to our booth.     Our business development team were swamped with questions from the crypto community wanting to learn more about the benefits of the PullPayment Protocol.  “We received very good feedback from the crypto community in Korea. People are …

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