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Pornhub Premium Now Accepts PMA!

The latest integration of the PumaPay PullPayment Protocol enables Pornhub Premium – the high-definition, on-demand premium subscription service from the world’s leading adult site – to accept the PMA cryptocurrency token.  Now Pornhub’s extensive fan base can manage their monthly and one-time Pornhub Premium payments with ease through the PumaPay Mobile Wallet app.   PumaPay provides an innovative solution to merchants today, with no unnecessary transaction fees, enhanced cybersecurity, and …

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Simpsons Names Crypto as ‘Cash of the Future’

Simpsons names crypto as the next virtual currency as they jump into the world of blockchain!   The latest episode completely broke down the meaning of cryptocurrencies into an easy-to-understand explainer video hosted by ‘TV’s most beloved scientist’, Jim Parsons, and an all-singing Distributed Ledger.  Laying the foundation of blockchain technology, Parsons explained how once each ledger is filled, it’s then added to a …

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PumaPay at Europe’s Largest Merchant Payment Ecosystem Conference

Europe’s largest merchant payments conference, MPE 2020, opened its doors to over 1250 delegates, 300+ merchants and the team of PumaPay earlier this week!  The Merchant Payments Ecosystem Conference in Berlin, 18-20 Feb, showcased the latest innovations in the payment economy and offered inspiring talks and discussions, including from PumaPay’s CEO, Yoav Dror.   Dror’s insightful presentation was well received by the audience of merchants, PSPs, acquirers, and industry experts as …

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What is Kemix?

With the help of our business partner Kemix, PumaPay can offer a Fiat Settlement Layer when withdrawing funds. All this means is that Merchants will be able to easily convert the crypto they receive into fiat!  So, who are Kemix?  Kemix is an algorithmic trading company and they basically connect exchanges and trading with everyday cryptopayments.  Their main …

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We Now Support Ripple & Stellar

Our Mobile Wallet Apps (iOS and Android) now support Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) which are both in the top 10 cryptocurrency list by market capitalization. At PumaPay, we are driven by our passion to create crypto usability for businesses and individuals alike.  We plan to add support for more popular cryptocurrencies over the coming months. We are committed to delivering the …

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Nominated for Most Outstanding Crypto Payment Solution of the Year 2019

We are thrilled to be nominated for the Corporate Excellence Awards 2019. These awards are handpicked by CV Magazine and are based purely on their comprehensive analysis of both qualitative and quantitative research.  CV Magazine award on merit, not popularity and recognize the very best in business; from a single office firm to an international conglomerate, they award …

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