The Project

What is PumaPay?

PumaPay  is a streamlined cryptocurrency payment system with its own cryptocurrency mobile wallet app, a payment gateway called Business Console and the marketing hub,  PumaPay  Pride.  PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol utilizes a new architecture of smart contract, which inverses the mechanics of the crypto transaction. Instead of the customer sending or ‘pushing’ funds, the business can pull funds from a customer’s wallet based on preapproved terms. This has enabled us to develop new billing options on the blockchain (recurring billing, top-up, pay per time, and dynamic pricing) which have been impossible before.

Pioneering Technology

We are making flexible billing models possible on the blockchain and in October 2018, we were the first company to introduce recurring payments on the blockchain. We are pushing the boundaries of what our technology can do, enabling support for more Advanced Billing Models and delivering a better payment solution that is robust, scalable and secure through our multi-tier development enhancements to the Protocol.

Pushing for Cryptocurrency Adoption

We understand that in order for cryptocurrencies to become mainstream, several things are required to happen.  First and foremost, there needs to be tools available that are intuitive, easy to use, that comply with financial standards and, wherever possible foresee future regulations.  We have created a comprehensive payment solution with a complete set of tools for businesses and consumers.  We also mitigated the risks associated with cryptocurrencies with our Fiat Settlement Layer that enables fiat settlement directly to the business bank account without the perceived hassles of conversion.

Why Businesses Prefer  PumaPay? 

It’s simple. We are putting the merchant front and center, incentivizing businesses to integrate with our system and encouraging their customers to use the PMA Token as a means of payment for everyday use.  We aim to interrupt the payment space offering a real alternative to credit cards and eliminating the middleman.  We are creating a better payment solution and cutting costs for businesses and customers alike.  We strive to become and set the standard for the future of payments.

Ultimate Flexibility

Our Advanced Billing Models enable flexible payment options over the blockchain for the first time. Our innovative technology allows recurring payments and other payment scenarios like top-up, utility, pay-per-time, pay-per-use and many more. Our system can adapt to any business logic.

Low Fees No Chargebacks​

Transactions over our protocol are free, with the exception of a small gas fee settled by the merchant. All transactions on the blockchain are final and immutable meaning that chargebacks are a thing of the past.

Zero Volatility 100% Liquidity​

Our Fiat Settlement Layer cancels the volatility risk for business and guarantees liquidity, by locking the rate of the PMA token at the moment of transaction. Using this layer, businesses will receive their proceeds as fiat directly to their bank account without the hassles associated with liquidation on crypto exchanges.

PCI Certification​

We are PCI DSS Service Provider Certified.  We follow and comply with global data security standards which means your data is safe and secure.

ICO Private Sale

Private sale concluded on

May 7th, 2018

Amount Raised *

* 7th largest ICO according to CryptoCompare.

PMA Tokens Generated

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