The PumaPay Wallet App has been Updated

At PumaPay, we are prioritizing user experience and have released important wallet updates which are now available for iOS and Android.

What Has Changed?

We Support Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing, also called real-time pricing, allows our wallet to be far more flexible.  Now, when you are shopping online at your favorite store, you will be able to bundle together all the products and services you want to pay for and be able to checkout using a single basket transaction by scanning only one QR code.

We Have Made Registration Even Easier

We have simplified the registration process making the process easier and more straightforward. Once again, we would like to highlight how important the seed phrase is and that without it, you will not be able to access the funds in your account.  It is important that you store your seed phrase securely when you join us. The Company has no control over the seed phrases and bears no responsibility for you losing your seed phrase and becoming unable to access your funds.

Find Your Settings in One Place

We know you want all your settings information in one place.  With our latest update, you can now view your settings through one central settings dashboard and are able to manage your account from there.

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