Use Your Cryptocurrency

PumaPay is a complete payment solution that enables cryptocurrency utilization in everyday life. We enable cryptocurrency holders to purchase products and services from our ever-growing network of businesses who accept PMA as a means of payment.

The Wallets

Store, Send & Receive

PMA, BTC, LTC, ETH and all ERC20 tokens are already supported. Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, Stellar and others will be added in the coming months.


The only cryptocurrency wallet that supports subscription payments.

Advanced Billing Models

Our PullPayment technology and Advanced Billing Models provides unlimited flexibility and convenience. Pay for products and services in any of the following ways: one-off payment, subscription, top-up and many more.

Fully Decentralized

Your private key is encrypted and stored on your device. It allows you to access and restore your wallets in the future if you need to; we do not have access to it.

Always Improving

We are driven by our passion to create crypto usability and are constantly working on new ideas and additions to the protocol, and to add new features, tokens and billing models.

Chrome Extension

You can now access your wallet through the Chrome Extension. Pay directly from your browser using the same private key.

PumaPay Pride

PumaPay Pride connects customers with businesses that accept PMA as a means of payment. It will allow you to search and browse for products and services and by location.
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