What Makes PumaPay Unique?

Our comprehensive payment solution has launched, and we are ready to help bridge the gap between digital payments and cryptocurrencies for businesses and individuals alike. Our solution supports the most common transactions in the online and offline spheres, such as recurring payments, top-up, pay-per-use, and pay-per-time; providing a blockchain-based solution for everyday payments.  We offer the flexibility and ease of use of credit cards with the advantages of blockchain technology.

We have developed five different Advanced Billing Models and are working on more. Our PullPayment Protocol was built to be very flexible and will adapt to any business’s business-logic and not the other way around.

Our PullPayment Protocol is what makes us unique.  Our PullPayment smart contract architecture inverses the mechanics of the crypto transaction and instead of allowing only ‘push’ or ‘sending’ of funds, it allows businesses to pull funds from customers based on specific terms pre-approved by the customer. 

We have also developed our own cryptocurrency mobile wallet app, a payment gateway called Business Console and a marketing hub,  called PumaPay  Pride. Combined, this suite of products offers a payment solution that is robust, scalable, and secure. Companies can avoid using a middleman and any associated fees by simply integrating PumaPay’s Business Console and APIs. Additionally, chargebacks are eliminated due to the transactions being secured on the Ethereum blockchain. 

To date, PumaPay has secured over 100 pilot partners, including brand named companies such as Wix.com, FashionTV, Rent24, Pornhub, DeStream, Mining Hardware, Mixrent, Ubex, IronFX Group, AIRSOFT, ForexValley Technologies, IronFX, ImLive, Nubiles, and more. 

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