William Shatner Joins Effort to Fight Collectibles Fraud With Blockchain ‘Passports’

William Shatner is not your regular cryptocurrency or blockchain fan, but he is actively supporting new applications such as his latest collaboration with provider of legally-enforceable smart contracts Mattereum to record the authenticity of collectible items. 

Also known to sci-fi fans as Captain Kirk, a role which triggered his interest in technology, Shatner is working with the startup to “establish an authentication system” to catalogue the journey of an item and its authenticity. Shatner said that Mattereum’s system will be important in determining “the difference between a priceless, future heirloom and worthless fake.” 

What kind of partnership is it? 

According to Mattereum, the London legaltech firm will work with Shatner to “document the authenticity of memorabilia and collectibles, on the blockchain. During New York Blockchain Week, they will showcase their new Asset Passport technology, which uses legally-binding ‘smart contracts’ to ensure the accuracy of records.” 

The initiative will create “‘digital twins’ for science fiction and other collectible memorabilia. The first item that has gone live on Mattereum’s system is ‘Capt. James Kirk in Casual Attire,’ autographed by Shatner. The digital clone will rest in an immutable ledger and ‘will assure collectors that the item is from Mr Shatner’s personal collection.’” 

Chris Wray, Mattereum chief legal officer, said: “The Mattereum Asset Passport gives you reliable provenance for your collection, backed by the liability of those who certify it – and ultimately their collateral, insurance, and personal assets. Transparency and enforceability will be essential tools in the fight against fraud and counterfeiting.” 

Mattereum CEO Vinay Gupta explained that blockchain was creating a connecting tissue between the fleshy world of reality and physical items and the digital world, in order to verify the authenticity of certain items and create a new way of thinking. He said that “Using digital twins, Mattereum is weaving the digital and physical together in a new way. Today we verify that assets are genuine. Soon, we will showcase our blockchain systems for effortless, elegant trade, transfer, track and trace, even physical search. It comes from a new way of thinking about how computers can upgrade physical matter into something more conceptual, more responsive. We are also going to provide the frameworks for environmental impact and carbon tracking.” 

If you would like to hear all about it from Shatner himself, here’s your chance

Sources: Coindesk, YouTube, Mattereum

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